Male Fertility: Handy Tips to Improve Sperm Quality

One would think that stored away in your testicles are billions of healthy sperm that would swing into action once they meet an egg… It would shock you to know that most times, the sperms released are incapable of action. A lot of times, this is due to factors surrounding how ‘viable’ the sperm is and a few other environmental factors. Adjusting these factors can improve sperm quality.

Whether you seek to father a child now or later in the future, it is important that you are concerned about the health of your sperm. Men can also be responsible for infertility in marriage. Now, this doesn’t seem true especially in a community like ours where the woman is always seen to be the one at fault. Research states that about 30% of fertility problems can be attributed to man. Hence, beyond the concern, take measures to improve your sperm quality.

improve sperm quality

Here are some of the ways to improve sperm quality:

  • Work out more often
    Basically, working out helps burn fat while boosting testosterone, which affects your ability to produce sperm. Study also have shown that those that work out more have about 33% higher sperm count than those who don’t. Outdoor exercises are an added advantage, possibly due to the increased exposure to vitamin D which does play a role in sperm production.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”TbtnG” via=”yes” ]Men have also been found to be responsible for some infertility cases in couples; actually, about 30%[/ctt]

  • Slow down with the hot bath.
    An increase of just about 2 degrees can have a negative effect on sperm production in humans. Limit the hot baths as much as you can. Make them as brief as possible, especially if you are actively looking to conceive within the next few months. Also, avoid wearing tight boxers and nylon pant or boxers.
  • Put down your smartphone when it’s show time.
    There is the notion of electromagnetic waves from phones interrupting mobility of the sperms, slowing them down. The sperm has about 12 to 14 hours to do its work (That how long an egg remains viable). You can help them be as mobile as they can be by reducing your smartphone usage as much as possible during that time.

improve sperm quality

  • Finally, eat some fertility foods. One good class of these is food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, such as walnuts, and crabs. Another baby making booster is garlic, a clove a day is a good start. Dark chocolates are also helpful, it has been shown that they increase the volume of the semen. Eat a lot of these fruits too: Eat fruits well especially banana,  plantain,  water melon, cucumber.
  • Watch the lubes!
    A lot of the lubricants used are either too acidic or too alkaline such that they kill your agents even before they start off their mission. Be super careful and selective about the lubes you use. Go for brands that are less chemical based and those specially made to encourage procreation preferrably water based lubes.
  • Shed some weight, especially if you are overweight or obese.
    Obesity can cause a drop in your testosterone level; hence you don’t produce as much sperm as you ought to. Losing weight is a natural way to improve sperm quality.