The amazing Health Benefits of Agbalumo (African Star Apple)

It is that season again, that time of the year. The famous orange glossy fruits are out again. Growing up in the western part of Nigeria, the love I had for agbalumo as a kid was nothing compared to that of my meals. I also remember using its seeds to play and calculate at some point. Without knowing its benefits, I cherished this fruit.


Having studied and learned more about this fruit, I would be sharing in today’s article most of what you need to know about this special fruit and its different health benefits.

Known to the Yorubas as Agbalumo, to the Igbos as Udara, and to the Hausas as Ciwoh, this amazing fruit (African Star Apple) has many benefits that would amaze you when compared to its size.

Agbalumo is very beneficial to human health

Agbalumo/Udara has this sweet-sour taste with this milky juice coming out when squeezed or sucked before consuming its flesh. It also has a chewable edible skin that is usually orange in color.

Health Benefits of Agbalumo

  • Agbalumo serves as a good source of calcium. The calcium content in one agbalumo fruit is about 10 percent the amount you need in a day and calcium serves as a source of strength for the bones and teeth.
  • It is also a very good source of Vitamin A and C. A single agbalumo fruit provides about 5 percent of the daily recommended value of these vitamins in the body. This helps to prevent gum diseases such as scurvy and also helps fight other diseases in the body.
  • According to the locals, this amazing fruit can be used as a natural remedy to treat sore throat, toothaches, and constipation.


  • Its parts (the leaves, roots and barks) have also been said to be used in times past in preparing traditional herbs to treat cough, yellow fever and high blood pressure.
  • It has also been said to help in weight management. Agbalumo contains fibre which helps in reducing your appetite and prevents you from eating too much. This fruit provides 3g of the recommended 25 to 38g daily intake of fibre needed by the body.
  • It helps in lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, thus, could be useful in preventing heart-related diseases.
  • Its seeds are useful in treating diarrhea
  • Other uses of this fruit include treatment for hypertension, intestinal issues and cancer.

This is the season of this wonderful fruit. Try as much as possible to take an adequate amount of this fruit to obtain its maximum benefit.


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