Health Dangers Of Public Toilets

Toilets are where we quickly run to in order to pass out waste products. Due to certain factors and our nature as Nigerians, public toilets have been provided at almost every vicinity you find yourself. Especially in the western part of Nigeria, Lagos, public toilets are being provided in markets, bus stops, streets, etc, and have been known to be a major life saver as it reduces the discomfort and embarrassment being pressed could cause.

Public toilets are meant to be at least as normal as our own personal toilets at home, but being familiar with our public toilets here in Nigeria, one would describe it as a write-off. Public toilets have been major sources where people pick up different diseases and infections. Therefore, they should be a major health concern.

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Health Dangers

Diseases are easily gotten from the use of public toilets

Bacteria Transfer

Due to the poor maintenance of our public toilets, flu are easily gotten around these environment.

Possible Solutions and Recommendations

  • Proper Planning – Plan your meal and know your body system. Know the kind of meal that would bring you discomfort after consumption. It is advised you don’t leave your house in a rush, try to visit the toilet before leaving home in order not to put you in any situation which would cause you to use a public toilet.
  • Proper Hygiene – ┬áCause we are dealing with a public toilet here, a personal hygiene matters a lot. If at all you find yourself in a situation which led to your using of a public toilet, try as much as possible to maintain a proper hygiene. Wash and sanitize your hands properly before and after the uses of public toilet.

Most drivers and market women after using the toilet neglect the fact that they are to wash properly, their hands. They go on with their trade that way exchanging goods and commodities and we patronize them and go ahead to consume the consumables. – This is why we have to watch what we eat and maintain a proper (personal) hygiene on our own side too as we may not have patronized a public toilet, but we have patronized from those who did.

  • Medications – After using a public toilet and you start discovering rashes on your buttocks or anywhere on your genital area, it is advised you go see a doctor quickly as possible as you may be experiencing some kind of toilet infection, and early diagnosis and treatment is the key to dealing with this situation.

Also when you start experiencing a flu, it is recommended you visit the doctor to avoid these flus sweeping you off grid and placing you in bed for a day or two.


Public toilets could be a major write-off, especially in a country like ours and could cause various types of diseases and infections, learn from the available recommendations to avoid these infections from public toilets and be health-free.