Healthfacts: An Android App that promotes healthy living is a Nigeria based group of people that are  passionate about the state of health in Nigeria. We blog about current situations in the country as regards our health. Top health news, health facts, health tips on local health challenges are top on the list of what we talk about.

We realized that a lot of people rarely go to the clinic, except they are down with one ailment or the other and then we came up with, such that we provide you with your tips on how to stay healthy and reduce your trips to the hospital.

Also, we have a wonderful package called question and answers portal where you can put up questions on health issues that may be bothering you and if your question gets voted up, you get answers directly from professional health practitioners. You can also vote other questions on the portal you would love to get answers too.

To increase the accessibility of Healthfacts and enable us strengthen the goal of promoting healthy living , we released  an  Android app on Google Playstore . Download App!


With the App, you can ask questions, get answers, access blog content from your mobile. provides a wonderful opportunity for Nigerians to get health facts and tips on how to stay healthy especially in Nigeria.


We are dedicated to promoting healthy living for all and it starts here.