How to Care for Your Prescription Glasses – 7 Tips

Prescription glasses have become an essential part of life for many people, and will continue to be. It is estimated that by 2050, half the population of the world would need glasses. However, while prescription glasses are important for a lot of people, many do not know how to care for them.

Here are 7 easy tips to care for your prescription glasses.

Store properly

You should not place your eyeglasses just anywhere, as this can damage them. Rather, always ensure to keep them inside the glass case to protect them from scratches, dusts, dirts and even falls. Also ensure to use a good, appropriate-sized case with enough padding on the inside.

Rinse regularly

Many people simply wipe off their lens with a dry cloth as a cleaning routine. But this can be abrasive to the lens, especially with dirts and dust already settled on them. Rinse your glasses with water — preferably lukewarm water at least once in a day. This keeps them clean and ensures they are in an optimal state.


After cleaning, ensure to leave your glasses in a clean place to air-dry. You can use a soft cotton cloth to remove excess moisture before you air-dry. This will help prevent any dirt from attaching to your lens and improve their longevity.

Use the right cleaners only

As an alternative to rinsing, you can use alcohol-free, chemical based cleaners to remove dirt and dust from your eyeglasses. Avoid using products like detergents, as they contain chemical substances that can damage the lens.

Use the right fabric

You should only use 100% cotton to clean your eyewear. Napkins, towels and tissue can cause undue scratches in your lens. Avoid cleaning your glasses with your clothes, no matter how soft you think they are. Also make sure the fabric you are using is not dirty, as dirt residues can transfer to your lens and damage them.

Avoid putting them on your head

Many people comfortably put their glasses on their heads when they are not in use, for a number of reasons — including to avoid misplacing them. However, this practice can loosen the frame of your eyeglasses, thus reducing their longevity. Instead of putting your glasses on your head, you can use a strap for them and simply hang them around your neck whenever you are not using them.

Handle your glasses with both hands

Handling your glasses with one hand can cause misalignment between the frame and the lens. Worse still, it may loosen the screws and cause your glasses to fall apart. So, inculcate the habit of handling your glasses with both hands, whether you are putting them on, removing them or putting them into their case.