It’s Quiz O’clock! – Harmattan Edition.

If you live in Nigeria or any West African country, harmattan is nothing new to you. But how much do you know about this season? Take this quiz to find out.

It’s Quiz O’clock! – Harmattan Edition.


#1. The only problem with harmattan is that it dries the skin. Harmattan does not affect the body in any other way.

#2. The weather conditions of harmattan can increase the frequency of headaches.

#3. Wearing a face mask while outdoors can reduce the risk of having a nosebleed during harmattan.

#4. The frequency of asthmatic attacks increases during the harmattan season.

#5. Drinking plenty of water can reduce the likelihood of having harmattan headaches.

#6. Bathing with hot water can worsen dry skin.

#7. Harmattan only happens in Nigeria.

#8. Compared to other seasons, apollo is commonest during harmattan.

#9. Apollo cannot be spread from person to person.

#10. Headaches, fever and neck stiffness are symptoms of meningitis which is common in Northern Nigeria during harmattan.

#11. Harmattan usually lasts between late November and mid-March.


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