Lagos Heat: Amazing Tips For Dealing With This Current Weather

It’s quite amazing how the current weather has been in recent weeks. Many individuals would sure have avoided or missed certain trips and appointments due to this weather.

The sun has been a thing of great complaint lately, making it a means of income provision for commercial sellers of handkerchiefs, iced water and other

The current weather complaint is something that little or nothing could actually be done. However, certain tips could help reduce the severity of the heat on most individuals.

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Avoid taking long distances: Reduce your distance covered (especially while trekking).You could try other means of transportation.

Avoid putting on heat emitting clothes: Don’t kill yourself. Reduce the amount of clothes you wear during this period – avoid putting on more than one cloth at a time. Heat emitting clothes also should be avoided. You could try putting on loose clothes instead.

Know your body cream: Some body lotions are not conducive for this type of weather as they are prone to make you sweat more often, thus making it very uncomfortable. Make proper enquiry and selection of the right body cream for this period.

Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks: These drinks dehydrate an individual easily, so it is advised you reduce or stay off them.
Reduce your exercise routine: Some exercises could be done unknowingly

Relaxation helps: Take a time to chill out. It could be under a shed where proper ventilation is being received.

Use of Deodorant: Certain deodorant helps to reduce sweating and body odor during this period. Take time to select the right deodorant that would be helpful during this period.

Drink lots of fluid: This weather dehydrates an individual more than normal. It is therefore advised you take more fluid to keep your body in a healthy condition.

Cold water bath: Everyone would really wish they could have that cold bath when they feel very uncomfortable during this period. If you’re opportuned, it is advised you have that cold water bath.

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Avoid too hot foods: You could ask, who would have a hot meal during this kind of weather? But the fact remains that there are some meals that can only be consumed when hot. These kind of meals should be avoided during this period. It is advised you opt for other meals.

Use of umbrellas: The use of umbrella is quite useful, thus recommended as it helps to shade you away from the current scourging sun.

Eat healthy: Healthy eating during this kind of weather would help keep the body in a good condition. Consumption of fruits and vegetables also recommended in order to build up worn out tissues.