Maintaining a Healthy Salon Habit

As I always say: “habits are not easily changed or developed”. However, in order to have a better live and live more healthily, some habits need to embraced and imbibed regardless of how seemingly difficult the process might be. Maintaining a healthy salon habit may be very difficult as most of us must have mastered the negative part of it.

For salon hairstylists, barbers, pedicurist, manicurist and other people engaged in such activities, the need to always stay fit and healthy is highly demanded in order to boast of their availability when their customers need their services. And also for customers who also patronize the salon, the need to be healthy both before and after visits to the salon is highly demanded too.


Here, I would share certain habits which can be tweaked in order to maintain a healthy life while in the salon and also, after visiting the salon.

Avoid snacking while in the salon: Though it is true that most people can’t do without chewing while in the salon. This habit is actually bad, as snacking makes you prone to consuming contaminated foods. Hair and dust particles can easily get in and mix with your food.

If at all you are to snack while in the salon, ensure your food is well guarded.

Avoid picking objects from the floor: The salon environment might be visually clean, but it is usually full of germs. Picking up hair particles, threads and pins should be done either with a picker or a packer.

Washing of hands properly: It is advised that while in the salon and before leaving, you wash your hands properly with either soap and water or clean with a hand sanitizer. Your hands in one way or the other most have come in contact with certain germ-causing agents.

Sterilize all equipment properly: This job is for the customer and the owner of the salon. Ensure all equipments are properly sterilized before and after use to avoid certain health conditions and transmission of diseases.

Provision of first aid service: This is a job for the salon owner. He or she is to ensure that a fully kitted first aid box is available in order to reduce the severity of salon injuries.

Avoid sharing certain salon equipments: It is recommended that you get your set of salon equipments and avoid sharing in order to be less susceptible to transmission of diseases.


Indeed, a salon is a place where you go in and come and looking good. It shouldn’t be a place where you go in to pick up infections and diseases. Ensure you monitor those unnoticeable habits and see to manage them for good.