More Habits that could be Tweaked for Better Health

As earlier said in the previous post, bad habits could be as a result of ignorance, “the live and let’s live life” or it could be some bad habit that might have eaten deep into the lives of individuals.

And since we all can’t be perfect when it comes to health, we might not notice the habits and be able to tag them as bad.

Here, are more habits that could be tweaked in order to attain a better health.

Waiting too long before you eat and getting so hungry that you grab anything.

Due to the busy schedule of some individuals and other related factors, they tend to forget that they haven’t had breakfast or lunch. They go for so long not having in mind that they haven’t eaten. Some even starve themselves intentionally until they are so hungry that they grab anything they see.

In order to curb this habit, it is recommended that you:

  • Have a properly planned meal
  • Try having fruits, it helps increase your appetite
  • Try drinking some water before putting any food into your mouth. It can help mitigate your hunger.

Not Drinking Enough Water

The same reason some people starve themselves of food or forget that they haven’t eaten might be the same reason some people do no get get enough water. They forget that the body needs water to fuel it during the day’s activities. Waiting till you’re fully dehydrated or very thirsty could be harmful to your health.

In order to curb this, it is also recommended that you:

  • Maintain a good water therapy
  • Study your body and know when is the right time to drink water
  • Try having fruit juice
  • Drink water when you feel you’ve lost it.

Not Brushing after meals

Most people have found a habit in not brushing after meal