10 Most Common Beard Myths And the Truth Surrounding Them

When it comes to growing a beard, we are our own worst critics. We all perceive things in different ways and that’s why we create different myths about different things. Beard myths are one of those uncommon things in our society, which are prone to some peculiar misconceptions.

Indeed, the peculiar misconceptions and unnecessary beard myths sometimes stop many potential beard growers as they feel they are better off without them.

Below are ten beard myths about growing a beard and the truth surrounding them:

Beard Myth #1: Shaving Speeds Up beard growth

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This myth has been there for a very long time. This myth is false as beards do take a bit of time to grow. Growing at the speed of a half-inch a month, it can seem like an eternity to grow a beard. Here, patience is the key as trimming your beard will only prolong the time it takes for it to reach its maximum potential.

Beard Myth #2: Only a Barber Can Properly Trim Your Beard

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Indeed, a barber has more experience at trimming your facial hair as this is part of his job description. He will often take too much and style your beard to his own preference. It’s your beard however, so spending a few minutes in the bathroom with some practice and patience, you can master the art of trimming your own beard perfectly. All that is needed is a good quality beard trimmer and a comb for maintenance.

Beard Myth #3: Your Beard Will Always Be Itchy

itchy beard

This is probably one of the biggest beard myths and it is partially true.  Most guys believe that the longer your beard, the itchier it becomes. Itchiness can occur due to dry skin and coarse hair. For the first three weeks, your beards might get itchy but once you get over the hump, you get those itchy days behind you. A good remedy to this is by applying beard oil in order to moisturise and keep it healthy.

Beard Myth #4: Beards Make You Look Unattractive

Contrary to popular belief, beards make you look even more attractive. Truly it comes down to personal preference, but research has found it that most people perceive full-bearded men as better men and fathers who could protect and invest in an offspring.

Beard Myth #5: You should shave before that job interview

Lol. Should I say most beardless employers beef men with beards? Well, the truth is, most employers who don’t have strict facial hair policies will not discriminate against a man with a well-groomed beard. It can actually help the interviewee’s chances at standing out and creating a memorable impression.

So when next you’re planning for that interview or business proposal meeting, do not opt for a full shave, rather look forward to having your beard perfectly groomed to support the outstanding performance which you deserve.

Beard Myth #6: A Beard will grow as long as a man lets it grow

Do you really want to experiment? Leave your beards for as long as you can and see for yourself. The real truth is that a man’s beard has a genetically pre-determined terminal length. The time it takes to reach its maximum length varies from man to man, but the average for most men is about 2 years. Asides this, a healthy lifestyle and proper care will aid in increasing its terminal length.

Beard Myth #7: Your Beard has to be “Full” to look handsome

A beard doesn’t have to be full to look good. Take example of D’banj, 2face, Don Jazzy, RMD, and Dare Art Alade. Their beards aren’t full, but yet they are pleasing to the eye. Every beard shape is unique – embrace yours.

Beard Myth #8: Everyone tells me that my beard makes me look like a caveman

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Raise your hand if you smell beef here! I do!!! Most times, people around you really want to see a change in your appearance. For members of the beard gang, all they want to see is for you to have a clean shave. They will say things to try to get you to change back to your prior look and to also reassure their own choices and beliefs. One of those things they say is that you look like a cave man. The truth is, if your beard is well groomed and always neat, over time, it will just become your new identity.

Beard Myth #9: If my beard has not filled in by the time I’m 20 years old, I will never have a full beard

No matter your age, your beards will continue to improve well into a man’s 20s and 30s and in few cases deep into their 30’s and 40’s.

Beard Myth #10: A beard requires connectors between the moustache and goatee or it doesn’t look good

You are your own critic as a bearded man. When coming across people in the street, seeing a bearded man will always leave you with an opportunity to create your own opinion. You see a man’s beard as a whole based on how it looks on that particular person.