MUST READ: 10 Habits You Never Knew Could Ruin Your Skin.

Most times, we complain about how one thing or the other is wrong with our skin. We do this neglecting the fact that there are certain habits we indulge that results to this. These funny habits, unknown to you can ruin your skin.

Here are certain habits you might not know are responsible for damaging your skin:

Sleeping With Makeup On

Going to bed with your makeup on can lead to bacterial infections and clogged pores, thus resulting in acne and other skin reactions. Asides this, the residue stays on your pillow or sheets and can even make you sick.

Popping Your Pimples
By picking at the skin on your face will only push dirt and bacteria deeper into pores, resulting in more breakouts. Also, injuries can be sustained by picking on skin all in the name of getting rid of your pimples.

Drinking Too Much Coffee
When it comes to having a dry skin and magnifying wrinkles, caffeine is a major culprit. Although drinking coffee is beneficial to your health, however, too much of it could result in rapid aging. Quench skin irritations by drinking lots of water. You can also add fruit slices to enhance the flavor.

Long Hot Showers
Maybe after a very long day, all you will ever want to spend long hours in the bathroom to cool off before retiring to bed. The occasional steamy shower is great as it strips away the outermost layer of the epidermis which causes scaly and dry skin. However, when you start feeling comfortable with the temperature or your skin starts getting too soft, know it’s time to step out.

ruin your skin

Skipping Meals
By skipping meals, you can ruin your skin as it causes it to age faster and dry out more quickly as you would be missing important nutrients needed by your skin. Always try to eat when necessary and incorporate Vitamins A, B3, C, and E into your meals to build up your skin’s health.

Trying Too Many Products
Well, this is a known fact. Trying too many products could be harmful to your skin as it would be difficult for you to identify which product is responsible for the damage. To avoid skin nightmare, always test new products on a small portion of your skin. The arm is better to avoid any form of unexpected allergic reaction to your face.

Ruin Your Skin

Putting on Dirty Sunglasses
Hey!!! Why rock what would ruin your skin or bring harm to your skin? Putting on dirty glasses could really bring discomfort and irritations to your skin. Like your regular lenses, don’t forget to wipe your sunglasses clean. Bacteria which stores in your glasses can get into the pores around the bridge of your nose, resulting in breakouts and irritation.

Not Getting Enough Sleep
This can result in getting a dull skin and clogged pores. Getting the recommended eight hours of sleep at night plays a vital role in skin beautification. It does not just help you look refreshed, but also replenishes and re-hydrates the skin.

Too Much Dieting
Dieting for so long can have a negative impact on your skin as frequent weight loss and gain can cause the fibers in your skin to loosen over time, thus resulting in stretch marks and sags. Find and maintain a perfect body building strategy to avoid this.

ruin your skin

Not Drinking Enough Water
You should know by now that water is very beneficial to health and that by hydrating yourself, you would be doing more good than harm especially to your skin. Hydrating yourself aids in fighting aging and providing a healthy glow to your skin. Skip this and you’ll be stuck with a rough or shrunken skin, or maybe both.

Having known these facts, I believe you should do what’s right and avoid the bad habits you’ve been keeping up with in order to have a perfect glowing skin.
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