Must Read: Belly Fat Isn’t Always Caused by Obesity.

I once heard a Nigerian man say he doesn’t mind marrying a lady with belly fat. His reason? Almost all Nigerian women have belly fat, those that don’t have would eventually have… Well, it would be easy for a lot of people to think this way especially when belly fat is one stubborn fat to get rid of. Most times even after engaging in all the workout routines you know and after losing fat all over, the belly just never comes down. It is simply because beyond obesity, belly fat has some other causes and strangely these areas aren’t often considered. And yes, it is possible for a Nigerian woman to have a flat belly.

Fat caused by stress.
This type of belly fat is mostly accumulated around the belly button and it is the major cause is chronic stress.
What to do:
Give yourself a break. Really, give yourself a break from work or whatever may be stressing you out. Give your body adequate rest (at least eight hours for adults). Stop skipping your meals too. Avoid indulging in junks and other unhealthy foods. Magnesium is a mineral known to relax stress levels. Inculcate foods rich in magnesium in your diet. Some foods rich in magnesium are banana, cashew, slim milk, oatmeal and avocados.

Fat on the sides.
Sedentary lifestyle and excessive sugar intake. This type of belly fat mainly manifests by fat on the sides. It occurs mainly due to a sedentary lifestyle and too much intake of processed, starchy foods, alcohol.
What to do:
Cut down on sugary and starchy foods. Eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, reduce your alcohol consumption by a great deal. Too much alcohol ends up causing belly fat by the sides. Build a consistent workout regime, focus more on squats and reverse push-ups.

Fat in the lower belly.
Accumulated fat in the lower belly may be due to recent delivery, excessive workout and a monotonous diet.
What to do:
Spice up your diet with lots of fibre (leafy green veggies are a great choice) and foods that are easily digested. Drink lots of water. Do these to avoid digestion problems that may lead to accumulated lower belly fat. Researchers say that excessive workouts especially squats can put too much pressure on the lower back and lead to belly fat in the lower belly. So do more of planks and other workouts. Women who have just put to bed should stay away from squats temporarily.


Belly fat in the middle.
This one is like that of pregnancy. It is more common in women who recently put to bed.
What to do:
Just like in the case of lower belly fat, avoid squats as much as you can. Eat healthy. You would be amazed to know how eating healthy especially after delivery can contribute to a mother keeping fit.


Puffed up belly
This may come with a bloated feeling. The belly may be flat in the morning and then protrudes during the day. It may be as a result of allergies or slow bowel movement.
What to do:
Stay away from foods that you know are allergic for your body. Indulge more in fruits and vegetables. Regularize your mealtimes and do your best not to skip a meal, especially breakfast.

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