MUST READ: Three ways to eat healthy on a low budget!

It is no longer news that recession has hit our dear country Nigeria. I am one of those who remains very optimistic about Nigeria despite her numerous problems. But while the recession lasts, I’ll share with you how to eat healthy even on a low budget.

  • First, You need to widen your horizon and be open to new things… food. So, be open to new ideas. You’d agree with me that most Nigerian homes have at most just three ways of eating rice but there are endless ways to eat rice. Diversify! Try eating beans as bean cake(moin-moin) or akara. What this does for you is you end up eating the same food but you never get bored because you are eating the same food in different fun ways.
  • Secondly, work at combining your meals. For instance, of recent, a cup of beans at the market is about #300 to #400. Rice and yam are equally expensive. I heard a man recently say that soon due to theĀ hikes in foodstuff, we would have to call beans, uncle beans. Hehehe! But really, instead of cooking a cup of beans for your whole family, you could try combining with lesser priced food stuffs so you end up eating less of the more expensive food.
Doesn’t this look yummy? šŸ™‚
  • Finally, when you can, cut down on fish, meat, chicken and the likes. I grew up having one of the aforementionedĀ as my consolation when I eat. So any food I eat I must have one of them. But trust me when I substitute food like eggs and even vegetables, I end up enjoying myself in a fun, healthier and less expensive way.

So, you see it’s not all about rice and chicken. Kindly share below in the comment boxes other ideas you have… I believe this article has been helpful. If it has, kindly share with anyone you feel would need this information. If you have a question on this article or any other health issue, feel free to ask our health experts here.