Our Health Resolution: Our Journey So Far

Hi peeps!, it’s a new month. It’s December already, the last month of the year. It has been a long way coming, and we made it this far. Remember months back when we made our new health resolutions and when we renewed them mid-year? Oh well, here we are, the year has galloped by, with a number of challenges along the way for many of us.

One question to be asked, “How has it been?” Certainly, most of us lost it along the line, we got tired and drifted or maybe we went on breaks and came back in-line with our resolutions. Only a very little percent of us kept it and are still on track with our resolutions.

Most of us got carried away with work, family, school and the likes, but like the saying, “no good thing comes easily”, attaining a healthy life requires so much.

In conclusion to this year, and on the eve of the New Year with all its accompanying resolutions, here is an excerpt of our resolutions and questions to rate our performance:

Healthy Eating:

Healthy Eating

This is healthy living. It actually starts from the consumption stage – what you take in to your body determines what’s going to be produced of you.

  • On a scale of 1-10, how healthy was your feeding?
  • What effect did your feeding have on you? (+) or (-)?
  • Compared to the previous year, how well did you feed?
  • What were the challenges encountered in achieving this resolution?



Everyone has been busy with a thing or the other. “The economy hasn’t been smiling” and we have been trying to let ends meet, Yes. Having the importance of exercise at the back of our minds would have indeed helped us achieve a healthy lifestyle all through the year. Its importance cannot be over-emphasized, thus making it highly recommended.

  • Rate yourself, how fit are you currently?
  • How much have you exercised this year (0-100)
  • Did your exercise have any effect on you?
  • How helpful was exercising to you?

Proper Rest and Sleep:

Sleeping woman

Same reason we tend to skip exercise has also been the same reason, most of us cannot boast of proper sleep every night. We toil day and night in order to meet up with certain demands. The truth remains that inadequate sleep would surely tell on our health overtime. It is high time we took out time from our busy schedules and give our body good rest.

  • How well did you keep up with this part of the resolution?
  • What effect did it take on you?
  • Did you encounter any sleep disorder? How did you overcome it?

Drink lots of fluid:

Man drinking water

Of all things that was affected by the economy and was hard to come by, “water”, a highly recommended fluid wasn’t one of them. Fluids are very important the same way as food, exercise and rest. It is required we fuel our body up often.

  • How did we achieve this?
  • How helpful was this resolution in attaining a healthy lifestyle?
  • How well did we fuel our body?

Reduce or Stop Alcoholism:

Alcohol_Addiction Edt

Some of us had no choice but to reduce or stop our alcohol intake, thanks to the non-smiling economy. Some stepped up their game due to frustrations of not achieving the required. The truth remains that alcohol is very harmful to our health and causes different kinds of illness. Reducing our alcohol intake would go a long way in helping us live healthy.

  • How well did we fare with this resolution?
  • How effective was this to our health?
  • What advice would you give to non-repentant alcoholics?

Regular Check-Ups:


You truly don’t have to wait until you fall sick or start feeling symptoms of any illness before you go to the hospital. Regular check-ups go a long way in preventing and detecting certain illness.  Keeping up with this resolution comes with numerous benefits.

  • How well did you keep up with this?
  • How much did neglecting this resolution cost you?
  • How helpful was it?

Maintain a Healthy Environment:


Our environment says a lot about our health. Therefore, cultivating the habit of keeping it clean at all times is indeed recommended. This could be more stressful than it seems, especially when you have so much to worry about.

  • On a scale of 1 – 10, how healthy was our environment?
  • What impact did this have on our health?


It is better late than never. You can still fall back in line with the few days left and enjoy the benefits attached to this resolutions. These resolutions would surely guide us in doing the right things in order to attain a healthy lifestyle. I’d like to encourage us further to take personal responsibilities for our health as we look forward to completing the year and moving on to a new year.


Taking good care of our body is quite essential, but our minds and emotional state shouldn’t be overlooked or neglected. Check here soon for essential ways to re-ignite your life.