Poor Oral Habits Can Cause Heart Disease – Dentist

I guess quite a number of people have an idea of what to do and what not to do in order to prevent a heart disease; however, very few people have an idea of the connection between a healthy heart and good oral habits. To burst your bubble, it has been confirmed that poor oral habits will increase your chances of having a heart disease.

Surprised, right?

This was made known by a Maxillofacial Dentist, Dr. Amy Traore-Shumbusho while speaking at the Project Smile 4.0 event tagged, ‘Smile Alive’. She stated that a wide range of diseases including oral cancer can be traced to poor dental habits and gum diseases.

Wow! This really sounds intriguing, not so?

She said, “Everything that goes into the body starts from the mouth, so if we do not take care of our mouths, we expose ourselves to many health challenges.

For instance, regular brushing and flossing help to remove bacteria from the teeth.

If you don’t brush regularly and correctly, these bacteria can cause gum inflammation, which may lead to gingivitis and if left untreated, periodontitis or periodontal disease”

Giving more information on Project Smile, Dr. Traore-Shumbusho said that the project had given many opportunities to individuals who had dental defects or flaws to have access to free treatment.

According to what she stated, she said that 17 Nigerians are set to benefit from free maxillofacial dental surgeries under the initiative that is in its fourth edition.

The Project Technical Director, Dr. Dada Ayodele, prescribed regular brushing and annual visits to dentists as preventive measures against dental challenges and heart diseases.

“Nigerians must imbibe good oral habits, we should always visit a dentist twice in a year and stop waiting till we observe pain before visiting dental clinics,” he added.

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