Newly launched program makes getting treatment abroad easier for Nigerians

A new program has been launched in Nigeria to provide complete medical advice from some of the world’s best. This new program is known as Medical Second Opinion. It is for Nigerians who seek a second opinion on their health matters after been diagnosed by their doctors.

It is being operated by a medical clinic based in Houston, Texas, U.S.A, known as Kingshaven Medical System Inc. The goal according to Mr Segun Oladujoye, the program’s main consultant is to make quality medical care to Nigerians’ doorsteps.
He also stated that this package is one-stop for Nigerians looking for secondary solutions to unresolved medical issues. The package is a complete one, including the visa procurement and accommodation overseas.

Dr George G. Miller, the chief medical officer said, “After meeting with your Primary Care Doctor or Specialist in Nigeria, patients that require a second option can obtain consultation with our physicians abroad.” He also included that the program caters for medical issues across various classes of ailments from prevention to cure and affecting people of all ages. He stated that a team in the program can consist of various specialists in their own fields and other medical staff. This cuts across every area of medicine.

Kinghaven’s care coordinator, Mrs Kamlesh Nigam and Dr Shailendra Shukla, the managing director described the process a bit. They said that the consultations include face-to-face skype discussions with the local specialist to discuss the assessments already carried out on the patient. If it is discovered that they patient has to travel, then such is referred to the appropriate specialist. The advantage they said was to hasten up the entire process such that within a day or two, the patient can be attended to. They also intend to stay in touch with the local physician such that even after the patient returns home, treatment continues.

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