Quick Facts about Muscle Cramps

Almost everyone experiences muscle cramps at some point in life. A muscle cramp is a sudden involuntary or forcible contraction of the muscles.

Some of the muscles of the body prone to cramps are: the foot, calf, thigh, hands, abdomen etc. A person is said to be experiencing muscle cramps if the muscle suddenly becomes tight, numb and extremely painful.

Sometimes, the cause of muscle cramps isn’t known, but, it is usually triggered by activities like:
— exercise
— dehydration
— sleep posture
— inadequate blood flow
— exposure to cold temperatures
— sitting or standing for too long
— awkward body posture.

Quick remedies for muscle cramps.
Remedies for muscle cramps are dependent on what part of the body a person experiences the cramps.

Some of the ways to remedy/prevent muscle cramps are:
1. By flexing or stretching the muscle.
2. By massaging the affected area.
3. By taking an Epsom bath.
4. By taking into consideration ergonomics measure to ensure safety.
5. By practicing safe exercise.
6. By ensuring adequate nutrition.

If cramps are a result of a prescription from the doctor, it is important that you inform your doctor of such development. Also, remember to take lots of fluids.

Stay healthy, stay well.