Reasons Why You Should Take More Salt

There has been this misconception over the years that consuming salt in excess is highly detrimental to your health. Some people have however taken it to the extreme and they try to avoid salt anyway they can. It has led to some serious health challenges in some people.

This is because salt is extremely critical to your life, so much so that It is impossible to live without salt in the body. While it is very true that excessive intake of salt is quite dangerous for your health, Salt has many amazing benefits which I will outline below. It should however be noted that MODERATION IS KEY IN EVERYTHING, Including salt consumption.

  • Adrenaline though an important hormone in the body, it is a stress hormone and things may go out of pattern in the body when there is an imbalance in the level of adrenaline in the body. Salt helps lower adrenaline spikes, balancing it.
  • Sodium which is one of the principal ingredients in salt is also used in many anti-aging substances as an hydrating agent. Muscle cramps are essentially due to dehydration, and imbalance in electrolyte. Salt helps to balance the electrolytes in the body.


One of the things that happen when there isn’t enough sodium in the diet is that more aldosterone is synthesized. Aldosterone causes less sodium to be lost in the urine and sweat, but it achieves that at the expense of the increased loss of potassium, magnesium, and probably calcium… Magnesium deficiency is extremely common, but a little extra salt in the diet makes it easier to retain the magnesium in our foods.

  • Salt helps clean up excesses in the body, such as excess carbon dioxide. It also helps in absorption of glucose in the body.
  • Salt aids in controlling blood sugar level: It does this by improving insulin sensitivity, meals, diet that are low in salt increase insulin resistance in the body.

While, salt is very healthy, It can also be dangerous to the body when taken in excess, hence again moderation is key. Another important point to note is the fact that not all salt is healthy salt. In short, regular intake of processed salt is as good as intake of no salt. Unrefined salt is healthy salt and when you consume salt, it is advisable to ensure it is always unrefined, without additives of any sort.