5 Reasons You feel Awful When You Wake – Even After Eight Hours of Sleep

Who else always wonder why they feel awful even after sleeping for so long? I had at one time thought it was only me. Until I asked a few friends and some testifies to the same issue. I mean, after adhering to the recommended eight hours of sleep in a day, you still feel awful when you wake.
I then did some research. Here is what I found out!

  • Reading from a smart device like an iPad just before falling asleep is most times a major cause. The light emitted suppresses a sleep-promoting hormone which affects your sleep and wake cycles. It is recommended that you shut down from all such devices at least 90 minutes before sleeping.

feel awful when you wake

  • Your sleeping position also to a great extent affects how you feel when you wake. A bad sleeping position can leave your back, body feeling sore when you wake. Check here to see how you can get proper sleeping posture.
  • You move about way too much when you sleep (Within the covers, I mean). If you are one of those people that sleep with your head at the top of the bed and end up with your head at the end of your bed, then this applies to you. You may be suffering from a condition known as restless leg syndrome. This keeps you from sleeping soundly
    feel awful when you wake
  • Too much booze! I know how that booze can send you to dreamland very quickly. Still, too much alcohol before bedtime interrupts your sleep cycle. These disruptions keep you from having a smooth sleep and you end up waking up as though you didn’t sleep well even if you have slept for more than eight hours. So, it is alright too have a little booze before bedtime but minimize it to about one bottle and ensure you have a couple of hours before you sleep.

feel awful when you wake

  • You are a teeth grinder. In my native community, it is a myth that only the aged grind their teeth at night. As I grew up, I realized it is untrue. Maybe there are more teeth grinders among the aged than among the young. Whether old or young, teeth grinding while you sleep and clenching your jaws all night can leave you with headaches as you wake. You can consider getting a mouth guard or see your dentist to keep you from grinding your teeth at night.