5 +1 ways regular sex can help you live longer…

Sex is a blessing from mother nature and apart from the fact that it makes you feel good and sustains you on cloud nine for a few hours, sex can help you live longer. And I am not just saying this; it is proven to have amazing health benefits.
Journey with me as I share some really amazing benefits of regular and healthy sex.

  • Sex is great exercise. It is not known to be that exercise that burns tons of calories but it does burn about 150 calories per hour. Now, this isn’t a license to skip the gym and slip in between the sheets all day long but yeah it is a moderate and healthy form of exercise.
  • According to results of a study conducted in 2010 by The New England Research Institute, sex may also reduce the occurrence of heart disease. Researchers have also discovered that for men, engaging in regular, healthy sex can reduce the risk of heart attack by half when compared with those who don’t.

Sex can help you live longer

  • Sex also does help relief pain! This surely is getting interesting… but really during sex, oxytocin (a hormone that reduces pain) is released. Oxytocin has also been proven to counter the effects of a stress hormone called cortisol and it helps you sleep better. So if you ever wonder why great sex after a long day makes your body feel so much better and why the sleep afterward is always smooth… There you have it!
  • Sex also helps reduce the risk of cancer occurrence… It does reduce the risk for prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women. According to a study carried out in 2004 by the National Cancer Institute, men who ejaculate at least five a week are less likely to develop prostate cancer. Similarly, women who engage in vaginal intercourse regularly have a lesser risk of having breast cancer than those who do not.

  • Psychologically, sex also has super benefits. Regular sex helps you stay happier than you actually know, it also improves your mental health a great deal and it helps you communicate better. It has also been proven that having sex like twice in a week is linked with increased levels of an antibody that helps protect against flu and other infections. The name of this antibody is immunoglobulin. So as an added advantage, you don’t get to fall sick as often.

Sex has more to offer than just the fun and excitement that comes with it. Sex can help you live longer as you have just been informed. So now that you know that sex can help you live longer. What do you intend to do with this information asides from sharing it? Let me know in the comment section below.