School’s Out! Best Tips on Having A Healthy Summer Holidays With Your Kids

The holiday seasons are here again, and the kids are home from school. The holidays have been less than 3 weeks and some mothers are almost losing their marbles with the kids being so rowdy. Keeping your kids contained and yourself sane is all any parent could ask for within the next six weeks.

What are the things you can do to make this holiday healthier for everyone involved? If you are going on trips how do you keep your family well contained and infection free? Here are a few tips to help you enjoy this time with your kids without any emergency room trips.

Holidaying healthy

School keeps the kids wholly active, mentally and physically. The holidays will leave so much free time to engage in a lot unhealthy habits, more T.V less walking. There is less socialization, and more time for junk food and dangerous, harmful play. How you incorporate their energies for good without losing your head in the process? Let’s work towards retaining those good habits amidst the holiday cheer.

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  1. Plan

Planning for the holidays is very important. From wake-up time to bed time, each and every minute should be planned for so as to keep everyone occupied. Of course, it’s the holidays and it won’t be cool to keep a stringent schedule when there is no school deadlines to be met. Having a plan of how you want the day to go will keep both the adults and kids on track. Plan for

  • Meals

When you have a lay out of the foods you want to feed your family from breakfast to supper, you have less stress to deal with in the course if the day. Also, planning your meals saves you from monetary stress of having to get snacks and meals on the go that you didn’t budget for.

  • Activities
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If your kids are left to their own devices this holiday period, better believe that you’d likely end up with a few accidents. And you might need a constant supply of analgesics that would leave the local pharmacist smiling happily to the bank. Having a list of activities to engage the kids for every minute will limit their exposure to unhealthy habits and opportunities.

  • SnacksRelated imageDuring the school period you probably have a stash of snacks for your kids to take with them everyday. A lot of mothers breathe a sigh of relief that they no longer have to worry about school lunches and snacks during the holidays, unfortunately. Kids get bored a lot easier during the holidays, and just like adults, they tend to eat more. Having a fridge full of fruits and healthy finger fruits for your kids might help prevent constipation or diarrhea. Excess sugar or sweets could live your child feeling sick and stressing you more, therefore planning their snacks will ensure healthy kids and a happy guardian.
  • Travel
Image result for african families on vacationsSummer holidays, or as locally called, ‘Long Vac’ is the sweetest time for some traveling. Whether it’s to a family or friend’s for a while, or out of state, out of country, traveling is a great way to spend the summer holidays. But an unplanned trip is the most frustrating situation you could ever put yourself in. factor kids into the mix and your dilemma gets even worse than previously anticipated, say by ten times. Remember to plan for traffic jams, meal breaks, potty breaks, and the ever-forgotten toothbrush or Pajamas.