This article may sound funny to some and sound interesting to some others, but as the case may be, I realize most Nigerian men who have issues with Erectile Dysfunction-ED, don’t usually get it right in terms of treatment and solution due to their level of unawareness and shyness.

Have come to understand why most marriages fail and why it led to divorce. it’s a serious issue in many marriages and homes today. Why do we think most spouses nag or insult their men, sometimes it could be as a result of the man not doing his job as expected…

Erectile Dysfunction is not only measured by the absence or presence of erection, but also measured by the turgidity of the male sex organ.


Basically, deterioration in sexual function occurs as one gets older, just like most women encounter menopause, so also do men encounter andropause.

Lifestyle and age pre-exposes people to ED, just as lack of exercise can expose one to obesity and other related disease. I want us to know that most of the recreational drugs we take often have some negative side effects on erection; even smoking and alcohol too are significant.

Although those local herbs that most us patronize very well works sometimes, but let me make us understand something, these herbal mixtures are unevenly soaked in alcohol which can variably become a risk factor for ED.

We should learn to consult the real experts for proper treatment and recommended medications, BECAUSE ED CAN LEAD TO OTHER PROBLEMS.

In my next episode I will shed more light on the various ways, tips, treatment and lifestyle you can practice, to solve erection problems.