Spend Less in 2016 by Staying Healthy

It’s a wrap, the previous year successfully came to an end and you reading this made it to this New Year, Twenty Sixteen, 2016, a new beginning. Remember, HEALTH IS WEALTH. It is how well you treat your body that would determine how efficient it would be to carry you through the Year.

Here are a few health tips:

  • Eat healthy – Consume more of real foods (especially home-made meals) and less junk foods. Remember, it’s not about the quantity but the quality of what you eat that matters.
  • Consume Fruits – Try as much as possible to consume fruits within your reach. Carrots, Apples, Avocados, African Star Apple (Agbalumo/Udara), Oranges and the likes should be consumed more.
  • Drink lots of fluid – Best recommended, drink lots of water and less caffeinated drinks
  • Exercise properly – Don’t wait for the need, start some exercise which would help keep the body fit always.
  • Rest properly – Don’t wait till you get fatigued, try as much as possible to have a good rest.
  • Reduce or Stop Alcoholism – Make a resolution, try and stop or reduce your level of alcohol intake. You could go from 4 or 5 bottles a day to 2 bottles or you could restrict it to just occasionally. But it is advised you don’t even drink at all because apart from hangovers, alcohol is known to cause kidney and liver damage, brain malfunctions and other gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Regular Check-Ups – You don’t have to wait till you fall sick or you start feeling symptoms of any illness. Regular check-ups would help you keep in track of your health status and also assist in early diagnosis of any illness.
  • Try to Reduce Your Weight –Too much body weight endangers your health. Fat comes as a result of taking in more calories than you burn.  As earlier stated, eat less and exercise properly.
  • Go Natural – Patronize the natural gifts of Nature. Consume foods and plants which aids in proper wellness of the body. Add foods such as ginger, garlic, bitter kola, bitter leaves, and the likes to your diet and also embrace bitters.
  • Get a massage when needed – Spas are known to relax the body.
  • Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle – Little things which are being neglected matter much about our health. A healthy lifestyle contributes in our health. Try as much as possible to be free from germs and other flu. Wash your hands regularly and also, fruits and veggies before consumption.
  • Maintain a Healthy Environment – Your environment says a lot about your health. Try to maintain a proper healthy environment. You could also plant flowers around your surroundings.
  • Do not isolate yourself from people – Try to engage yourself in small talks as this tends to boost your mood, improve your mental function and preserve memories. Share a thing or two with close friends or relatives.

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Don’t engage in fights, Avoid Alcohol, Eat healthy, Merry with friends and families, Create good memories, Have fun and Capture Happy Moments.


HealthFacts wishes you a Happy New Year. We hope you remain healthy and get the best from this year. Cheers!!!

HealthFacts Happy New Year