Take lifelong Tetanus immunity vaccine or else – Medical expert warns

Hey, my people how una dey? E don te small o, I hope say una dey enjoy the new year…but come o, se you don hear say e dey very important to take anti-tetanus vaccine, to guarantee you lifelong immunity against disease palava?… you don dey wonder say how this one fit happen, okay sidon make I nack you the first aid package.

E get one gynaecologist wey dem dey call Dr Nathaniel Adewole for University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Gwagwalada, wey advise public say make them dey take anti-tetanus vaccine to guarantee them long life immunity against ogbonge diseases.

This Dockita, Adewole for Abuja talk say, tetanus infection na one of those major killer diseases for pikin them, wey dey contribute to death among mama dem too.

Based on wetin him talk, he talk say, na one bacterium wey dem dey call clostridium tetani, dey cause tetanus infection. Come further talk say, the risk factors wey fit predispose person to the disease fit include; sustained injury from rusted nail, wounds wey don dey contaminated, unhealthy management of umbilical cord when person deliver pikin.

This medical practitioner come yan say, the risk factors dey expose the pikin life to tetanus infection.

Adewole talk say, tetanus fit dey for dirty, rusted nail, sand and anything wey fit permit bacteria growth.

“Because of the level of death wey tetanus infection dey bring come for mama and small pikin them, e get one anti-tetanus vaccine wey dem dey give all pregnant women dem for better prevention.

“Dem dey give this anti-tetanus vaccine base on the five doses wey dem schedule; once dem done administer the first dose, dem go come administer another dose within four weeks.

“This na because say the first dose no dey carry any immunity at all, but the second dose dey carry, then dem go come administer the third and fourth doses respectively, after six months and one year.

Adewole come dey talk say, after dem don administer those doses, dem go come give the person the fifth dose for better long life immunity.

He come talk say, the first dose of anti-tetanus vaccine no dey give any immunity at all, so need dey, to give the second dose after four weeks don reach.

Oga dockita come advice people to ensure say, dem take the lifelong anti-tetanus vaccine or avoid injuries wey fit make infection catch dem, dey stress say “prevention dey better pass cure”

However, he talk say if person no dey collect lifelong immunity vaccine against the disease booster, make dem give am each each time the person don get injury from risk objects.

“And also, if expectant mother no dey take lifelong immunity vaccine, abeg make she collect two doses of anti-tetanus injection for every conception.

“If injury come dey person body, make the person collect anti-tetanus injection kiakia, but for contaminated wound, the patient go need take anti-tetanus serum (ATS) first before he/she go fit take tetanus injection.

The gynaecologist also yan say women dem wey get miscarriages too, make them take anti-tetanus injection, talk say dem too dey prone to tetanus infection because of complications wey fit sele.