Avocado – A SuperFood with Rattling Health Benefits

Avocado could be labelled the world’s healthiest fruit. Do you know why?

Avocados due to their shapes and the leathery appearance of their skin are also known as Alligator Pears. Avocado belongs to the family of Lauraceae though it does not look like other fruits in the same family. The fruit is also known to be climacteric due to the fact that it only ripens after being harvested. Due to its various health benefits, the avocado fruit is being grown in different countries and a country like Nigeria has been one of its major consumers. The avocado fruit has a thick layer of skin which protects the fruit from pesticides. This fruit can be eaten raw or added to meals, and could also serve as a desert whip or in form of salads. Also, Avocados could be substituted for mayonnaise in sandwiches or other fat contents while baking.  Any of these ways, one would still obtain the numerous health benefits of the avocado fruit.

benefits-of-eating-avocado Nutritional Values

Avocados are also one of those foods considered as “super foods” as they contain essential vitamins and minerals needed for the body and also aid in reducing your unhealthy calorie intake. This fruit is a good source of monounsaturated fatty acids and also possess a low sugar content. An Avocado fruit contains calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, copper, zinc and phosphorous. Also, avocados are a great source of fibre, and a single avocado fruit can provide more than 40% of the daily required fibre. They also contain minerals such as vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, K, E, thiamin, niacin and riboflavin.

Health Benefits of Avocado

These super foods packed with many nutrients have numerous health benefits and they include:

Aids in proper digestion – avocados are known to soothe the intestine and also aid in digestion due to the amount of soluble and insoluble fibre they contain. They also stimulate gastric and digestive juices so the nutrients are being absorbed in a very efficient way.

Skin Care – The nutrients found in avocados are essential in maintaining a healthy skin. Avocados are also included in various cosmetic products due to its ability to make the skin nourished. Avocado oil also can be used not only in maintaining a healthy skin but also a healthy hair.

Eliminate Bad breath – Due to its digestive aiding properties, avocados aids in eliminating bad breath. Halitosis can be eliminated by consuming avocados because while improving your digestive health, the bacterias found in your mouth can be dealt with during this process due to the amount of antibacterial.

Improves Vision – Avocados contain two phytochemicals- lutein and zeaxanthin which are essential for eye health. These two phytochemicals aids in reducing the risk and managing the damages that can be done to the eye.

Lowers Risk of depression – Consumption of Avocados reduces your risk of depression as this fruit contains high levels of folate which helps in dealing with depression. Other health benefits include:

  • Detoxification of the body
  • Avocados help in maintaining a healthy heart. Found in avocados is beta-sitosterol, which helps in maintaining a healthy cholesterol level. Also, avocados high level of potassium aids in fighting hypertension.
  • Avocados also help in fighting cancer- Due to its anti-cancer properties, avocados aids in lowering the risk of cancer in an individual.
  • This fruit also provides nutritional values to the body and support weight control thus aids in weight management.
  • Due to the presence of certain organic compounds found in Avocados, they aid in reducing your risk of liver damage
  • Its seeds are used for the treatment of diabetes, inflammatory conditions and hypertension.

Consume avocados and benefit from its numerous nutritional values but note that too many avocados may cause migraines and also nausea.