The Nigerian Bachelor and a Healthful Eating Habit

Many young lads(fellows) would prefer to witness the bachelor stage at a certain point in their lives before engaging in marriage. We all know that this is very common in a country like ours.

The average Nigerian bachelor believes it is the period to enjoy the good life. It is time to  ‘jaiye’ meaning to have fun considering that there is freedom from certain engagements (their parents and marriage) for a certain period of time.


Bachelorhood is a period when one may be exposed to several forms of infections and disease if not proper care is not taken. Ranging from STDs to other infections and also certain diseases which mostly come from improper feeding, nutrition, poor hygiene and risky sexual behaviors.

Here we would look at having a healthful eating habit every Nigerian bachelor should take note of

Ever met a Nigerian bachelor who does it find pleasing to prepare meals? Or those that will make the effort or do badly. Even though, there are some that are exceptional in the kitchen. However, it is not about knowing how to cook alone but knowing what is healthy to cook and eat.

As a Nigerian bachelor, the following healthful eating habit is recommended.

  • As always emphasised; Eat less processed food – Consume foods that are fully prepared from the scratch and from reliable sources. In most cases, it is advised that you prepare your meals yourself. Avoid eating too much junk food but rather consume foods that boost male health. Processed foods predispose people to chronic diseases such as diabetes and other nutrition related chronic diseases later in life.
  • Reduce your Sugar intake – Over consumption of sugar has many disadvantages such as immune suppression, dental problems, predisposing one to diabetes later in life .e.t.c. and also cause low (sexual libido) performance. Honey is rather recommended as its effect on health is rattling.
  • Consume more fruits and vegetables – Consumption of fruits and vegetables should be embraced warmly due to its many advantages. Make it a habit of consuming a fruit or two after every meal. Certain nutrients and vitamins which cannot be found or gained by eating solid food can be found in fruits. Also, wash fruits and vegetables before consumption.
  • Have a particular eating spot –  Eating out is one of the most common practices of a Nigerian bachelor as many often complain that they have no one to prepare meals for them or that they are too tired or too busy to cook. Most of these bachelors end up in various cafeterias or eateries also known as mama put. In order to be able to identify the source of a particular problem or illness, it is advised that if at all you have to eat at cafeterias, you should have just one or two favorite spots rather than consuming foods from almost every cafeteria in town.


  • Reduce the rate at which you eat out – Having a particular eating spot sometimes isn’t the best solution. You could go as far as reducing the rate at which you consume cafeteria made meals and create time for home made meals. Limit this to occasions when your schedule is quite tight and you need to hurriedly get some food to eat.
  • Maintain proper hygiene – Though majority of bachelors in Nigeria are known to be neat and tidy due to regular visits from friends (majorly of the opposite sex), others are known to be non-chalant about their environment. More over, being tidy a times is not the same as being clean. Cleanliness is key to keeping germs away! Add clean habits to your list today!It is advisable that as a bachelor you ensure that your environment is clean and well managed and also that proper hygiene is maintained.
  • Little or no alcohol consumption – To ensure good health, it is advised that you reduce your level of alcohol consumption or better still quit! Besides the known harmful effects of alcohol on your health, alcohol is known to be a major cause of domestic violence, due to its interference with ones ability to reason well. Hence, resulting in fights and accidents which could have been avoided.


  • Quit Smoking – If you’ve been smoking before, it is advisable that you seek necessary help from your primary care provider on smoking cessation, smoking in particular has lots of negative health implications.
  • Exercise – You might be wondering what exercise has got to do with a healthful eating habit? Well, the good thing is that they both work hand–in-hand. Proper exercise aids in proper functioning of the human body thus providing maximum efficiency of the foods consumed. Also exercise aids in keeping you fit as a bachelor.

I believe this article has been helpful. If it has, kindly share with anyone you feel would need this information. Your thoughts and comments are also well appreciated. If you have a question on this article or any other health issue, feel free to ask our health experts here