The truth about staying fit

There has been many myths surrounding weight loss and fitness, hence so many things people do in a bid to keep fit or lose weight are merely perceptions and are not true. So, someone tells another person what has worked for him/her and then the person simply adopts it as universal truth and then tries in on themselves: sometimes they work, some other times they do not and then this may even be harmful to the individual.

Some major myths are:

  • Exercising on a treadmill is a less stressful exercise than running, jogging on pavements, roadsides: Running is good, a very good form of exercise but not many people can go on with it because of the stress it exerts on the knees and thighs and the resulting discomfort, pain. This is not true. Since its the force exerted on your joints that makes impact, then it doesn’t matter if its treadmill or roadside running, it is all the same. So your best bet would be to mix running with other cardio activities to even out the stress.


  • If you aren’t sweating, then you aren’t working hard enough: This is one funny one. lol! Contrary to this myth, it is very possible to burn a significant number of calories without sweating.
  • Swimming helps greatly in weight loss: Well, except you would be swimming several hours a day, the weight loss is not much because the buoyancy of the water helps in the movement so your body doesn’t do as much work.


  • Exercising on machines gives the assurance that you are doing it right: Working out on machines do not necessarily mean that your movements or positioning are automatically right. It would be automatically aligned only if it was customized for your weight and height.
  • It is safe as long as you feel fine: This is not so true. Often times when people start out on a new workout routine or resume after a long time, they tend to do too much and within too short time. The thing is even if you do not feel the pain and strain now, you would after say one or two days and then the same reason why you stopped first would make you want to take a break again and often times, people do not come back to those fitness routines. So, it is best to maintain a healthy and light workout routine that is effective so that you can go on for longer.

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