3 Things Every Working Class Needs To Know To Stay Fit

To stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle is the goal of every working class and nothing sounds as good as achieving this without the thought of visiting the gym.
On the other hand, you’re probably thinking, how is this even possible? How can I be fit without going to the gym?

Here’s the thing, fitness is not necessarily all about weight loss or building abs and all of that. Fitness is basically about your health and well being. It’s about being physically able to perform certain activities. It’s also about feeling great and feeling healthy.

Now that we know what fitness is about, how can we get fit and stay fit as a working class even without taking a constant trip to the gym?

1. Eating healthy

Fitness is first about what goes into your body. So, it’s important you know what to feed your body with and what not to.

Eating healthy is not about dieting or eating some sort of boring salads and all that. It’s simply about taking in the right quantity of calories your needs for daily calorie maintenance.

To eat healthy, here are a couple of things you need to do.

a. Cut out excess sugar from your meal

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Although sugar is said to offer no nutritional value as it contains zero calories, taking excess sugar, however, makes you desire more food, which will eventually lead to overeating and then overweight, which makes you less fit.

Besides, these “empty calories” require a lot more activity to burn off, without providing nutritional content to help your immune system or build strong muscles.

b. Ensure that about 50% of your meal is vegetable

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Making vegetable a big part of your meal is a healthy way to ensure you provide your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals necessary for bodybuilding and maintenance. Read more here.

c. Portion control

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Learning to eat your foods in smaller portions is a good way to control your calorie intake.

Rather than eating 3 huge bowls of food a day, split it into smaller portions and eat about 5-6 times a day. That way you must have cut down on the excess calorie you’re likely to take in one sitting if you eat one big bowl.

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2. Stay active all day long to stay fit

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Keeping fit doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym to lift up heavy weights and all other forms of tedious exercise.
Rather than sit all day on your desk in front of a screen, try taking a 5 minutes break every one hour to take a walk down the stairs, walk around the car park and do some stretching.

Standing and walking frequently helps you burn about 33 percent more calories and also stretches your muscles and improve your posture.

3. Rest well

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After an active day’s work, you want to make sure you get enough rest and sleep needed to stay fit.

Not only does sleep give you the energy you need to work out on a regular basis, it helps regulate your metabolism, boosts your strength and performance level, and it also helps in muscles building and repairs.

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