Tips for a flatter stomach

So the other day I heard a young man ask a friend of mine what to do to reduce his belly fat. My friend teased him and asked him to fast for about 3 days in a week. Funny as it sounds, belly fat is not just a concern for ladies again, I mean almost everyone wants a flatter stomach! Apart from the fact that excess belly fat can affect your health negatively by increasing your risk to certain diseases, it also affects the way you look especially for ladies, not many people are fans of a big-bellied lady. Despite the fact that not many people love big-bellied people, a lot of people are entirely clueless as to how to “attain” a flatter stomach. In fact, I once heard someone say that big belly is almost inevitable for African women and I was taken aback! Anyways, in response to that myth, I have decided to bring to you few tips to “attaining” a flatter stomach.

flat stomach

  1. Watch what you eat: Diet is very key in this regard. Eat more fibre, fruits and vegetable and less of starchy and fatty foods.
  2. Exercise: Vigorous exercise trims your fat generally and belly fat is not an exemption. For more effective results, it is advisable you work with a health and fitness professional so that you do exercises that concentrate on your mid-section such as squats.
  3. Studies have shown that inadequate sleep causes an increase in the level of ghrelin – an hormone that stimulates appetite, which can lead to eating more than your body requires and eventually fat. So do your body a favor and get the adult requirement of 7-9 hours of sleep daily and cut down on the stress activities.
  4. Cut down on Soda! Studies have also shown that regular intake of soda is associated with abdominal fat and increased waistline. Instead of carbonated drinks, soda, opt for healthier options like smoothies, fruit juice or even water.
  5. Avoid late night food as much as you can. Train your body to eat your last heavy meal for the day before 6pm, to allow for proper digestion before you hit the bed.

Be consistent and also moderate with these tips bearing in mind that Rome, sorry Lagos, was not built in a day and that little drops of water eventually would make a mighty ocean and you might very well be on your way to getting a flatter stomach (my kind of stomach, hehehe!) All the best friends!!!.