Lassa Fever disease is not like Ebola. It can be treated

Lassa fever disease is one of the viral hemorrhagic fevers. It is important to know what the treatment of this disease entails.

  • A certain antiviral drug called ribavirin appears to be an effective treatment for Lassa fever disease if it is given in the early stage of the disease – within the first six days of onset of the disease. It is given intravenously. Apart from this, there is currently no other medication for treating Lassa fever.
  • Based on a study done, ribavirin reduces the number of deaths caused by Lassa fever disease from 50% to 5% when it is given in the early stages of the disease.
  • At the moment, there is also no vaccine that provides protection against Lassa fever.
  • It is important that early supportive care be provided. It involves symptomatic treatment – that is, treatment of the symptoms of the disease and not its cause. Early and quality supportive care improves the chances of a Lassa-infected person surviving the disease.

Supportive care that should be provided when treating Lassa-infected individuals includes:

  • Giving oxygen.
  • Maintaining normal blood pressure.
  • Treating any other infections that may arise.
  • Maintaining normal fluid levels, thereby preventing dehydration.
  • Maintaining normal electrolyte levels in infected persons.


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