Tweaking Bad Habits For Better Health

There is a big divide when it comes to our health as it is not a thing of surprise that some individuals ignore their health.

For most individuals, a bad healthy habit could be as a result of ignorance, “the live and lets live life” might have eaten deep into their lives, while for others, it’s just some “bad habit” they found themselves doing during past years and they now find it difficult to break.

On the other hand, there are health fanatics, who take their lifestyle with perfect measures. A day would not pass by without exercising or engaging in certain healthful measures.

We all cant be perfect when it comes to health, but lots can be done, certain habits can be tweaked in order to attain that “good enough”, “close to perfect” health.

Here, some bad habits which we are often found doing would be discussed and ways to improve or work on them would be shared.

Not Getting Enough Sleep


This is often common in our society today and could be caused by so many factors. However, most people have taken advantage of these factors and formed a habit which is harmful to the health.

In order to curb this habit, it is recommended you;

  • Stick to a routine: Try going to bed and waking at a particular time everyday.
  • Have your bedroom at a comfortable state at all times. (In a condition that is conducive for sleeping).

Not Exercising Properly


Individuals could claim to be busy and therefore miss out from the regular exercise which are beneficial to health. Sometimes laziness could be one of the reasons people miss out on exercise. Repetition of these becomes a bad habit and could live with the individual for as long as possible.

In order to curb this habit, it is recommended that you;

  • Take every opportunity to walk more. Cover distances
  • Force yourself to do laps in the office.
  • Stretch properly around your environment, especially at the office.
  • Avoid sitting at a particular position all the time
  • Dedicate special days for workout

Excessive Snacking, Even when you are not hungry


Most people have found a habit in snacking – always having something to chew. I have experienced people load up their bags with snacks to satisfy their desires. this also could be identified as a bad habit as it causes  various harmful effects.

It is therefore recommended that you;

  • Plan your snacks the same way you plan your meals.
  • Replace junk foods with healthy meals.
  • Do not eat when you are bored or stressed, eat only when you are hungry.