Unbelievable Causes of Weight Gain

Everyday, there are certain factors that have an effect on our weight that we may not know about. Its really not fair because it could not be that drive through at the fast food or the occasional junk food binge.

Here are some unbelievable things that can cause extra weight gain.

Internet Overuse: O yes!. What is the connection between them, you may ask. The truth is the more time we spend on the internet, the more we are less likely doing something active. There are higher chances of procrastinating exercise, consuming unhealthy junk foods, and keeping of late nights. Cut your internet surfing time and reduce your weight.

Vitamin D Deficiency: This has been linked to adult obesity, regardless of the vitamin D we get from our food and beverage. It is therefore recommended that you see a doctor and get tested for the deficiency.

Second Hand smoke: Second hand smoke as crazy as it sounds, has been linked to weight gain. Most smokers use it as a habit of reducing their weight, but this could be dangerous to non smokers, if they are exposed it could trigger cellular changes, thus leading to weight increase.

Food channels: As individuals, we are often influenced by what we see or hear. Often times after watching that cooking show, we go out to get the ingredients in order to recreate that savory dish. We should endeavor to remain on track and keep off adding unwanted weights by keeping our spontaneity in check.

Happy Relationships: People in happy and successful relationship tends to care less about staying in shape in order to attract a mate. Of course they are already happy with one. Neglecting the necessities of keeping a healthy weight could be caused by this factor. Be happy, but do not lose yourself in the awful relationship weight gain.