Vital Moments to Drink Water and It’s Effect

It’s true that no individual should wait till he/she is fully dehydrated before drinking water. Some individuals do not actually know when they are dehydrated and this could be harmful.

Though water could be drunk at any particular time without any effect, however, I would be sharing in this article, some vital moments when drinking of water could be fully effective.

Here are some of the vital moments:

Just after waking-up

Apart from rehydrating the body, there are lots of benefits associated with drinking water just after waking up. Drinking water also helps in firing up an individual’s metabolism. Also it helps in fueling the brain – a morning glass of water will leave you feeling sharp and clear throughout the day.
Also it helps in fighting and preventing certain diseases as it helps in clearing the whole system of unwanted toxins. In general, it is completely refreshing.

Immediately after an exercise/work-out


Drinking plenty of water after exercising is essential for replacing the fluids you lose from sweating through workout. Sweat lost during workout can exceed several litres over the course of an hour. Drinking water is the best choice to rehydrate as it will also help restore your temperature to a normal level. It is also important to drink water before and during exercise to ensure proper hydration.

During meals


Some individuals find it pleasing to drink water during meals, others prefer drinking water before/after their meals. Though this depends on the individual’s choice and the kind of food to be consumed. Drinking water during meals is recommended as it aids in proper digestion of meals and also prevents chocking. Not just water but any other fluid is recommended during meals.

During hot weather

Silhouette of a man drinking water after exercising with blue sky in the background.

Dehydration tends to occur more during hot weathers. Excessive sweating tends to occur during this period, and this is a means of dehydration. When an individual sweats, he/she loses water through the tiny pores on the skin. Apart from fighting dehydration, drinking water during hot weather helps in stabilizing the internal body temperature.

After Urinating

You just passed out waste product in form a urine ( a liquid form) , thus a certain amount of water has left the body. Urinating frequently without replacing the fluid could lead to dehydration. It is advised that you drink lots of water even more than that which you passed out through urine in order to ensure that you remain hydrated.

Before Bed

water before and after bed

Having a glass of water before going to bed helps the body by replenishing the fluids it loses throughout the day from normal activities. It will also help in providing the body with the supplies (water) and the time to clear out the whole system of unwanted toxins. Lastly, drinking water before bed also helps in balancing your hormones, energy levels and muscles, thus rejuvenating the whole body in the morning. This however may not be recommended for individuals with bedwetting issues.


Since the body is mostly water, you need to keep it hydrated in order for it to work properly. The above listed are few of the vital moments when the body needs water the most. However, there is no specific/stipulated time or amount of water to be drunk by an individual.

Drink more water when you feel you have lost it.