5+1 superfoods that boosts workplace productivity

Productivity is simply having useful and satisfying results. It is not so much in the effort you put in but rather the results you record in the end. Everyone wants to be productive. No one wants to work and not have the desired results. Many workplace productivity hacks out there place emphasis on tips like planning, goal setting, discipline etc., and leaving out the kinds of food you eat. The World Health Organisation has said that eating the right foods can help increase motivation, brainpower and overall productivity by as much as 20%.

What would your weekly report be like if you boosted your overall productivity by as much as 20%? What impact would a 20% boost in your workplace productivity do to your mood and self-esteem at the end of every working day? Take some time to think about that and read on.

The foods we eat have been found to impact our work output greatly. Try out these 5 superfoods and see your overall workplace productivity go up

  • Nuts: Nuts are a great source of natural fat and protein which the body needs to be and stay healthy. The best part for me about nuts is the fact that they are an amino rich food. This means your body gets to derive a natural increase in both memory and brain performance by eating nuts. Just so you’d know, walnuts and almonds have some of the best brainpower ingredients.

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  • Dark Chocolate: “I thought sugar is bad for the health,” you might say. Well, not all sugar is bad for you. Eating dark chocolate, apart from satisfying your cravings for something sweet, improves your overall ability to focus. Dark chocolate contains caffeine which allows you to handle your tasks with more energy and focus. And if you tend to feel stressed easily, the magnesium content which is a natural stress reliever has got you covered.
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  • Bananas: Your body needs the right amount of energy for you to be productive and bananas have the daily amount of glucose (energy-inducing ingredient) your body needs. Amazing, right? Apart from these, bananas are extremely filling and a much healthier way to get energy than eating more carbs or cane sugars.

  • Eggs: Adding eggs to your breakfast helps to stimulate the brain’s reactive sensors as a result of the presence of vitamin B.

  • Avocados: Experts have made us to understand that the body functions best when there is consistent blood flow through the brain and around the heart. This definitely lies at the heart of productivity. Avocados enhance the flow of blood and also improves overall focus.

  • Water: Though not a food, water cannot be relegated to the background if you are serious about productivity in your business and workplace. The body is made up of over 70 percent water meaning the smooth functioning of every part of your body depends on water to work smoothly.

You probably might have heard that drinking at least eight glasses daily is healthy for body; but then, why is this so? This is so because during the course of the day, the water stored in the body is slowly used up. If you refuse to drink sufficient water in order to “refuel” your body, your brain and other functions would suffer the consequences. Therefore, drinking eight glasses, at least, every day will help your brain think more clearly and quickly.


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