Bad days and bad things happen. Yes, that’s why it’s called LIFE. No matter how sanguine you may be, there are certain days that you just feel low and even very melancholic.

So, how do you handle bad moods?

Bad moods not handled well can lead to depression, mental stress, etc. Below are simple and quick tips for boosting bad moods. The next time you feel low or you are having a bad day, try one or some of these tips and thank me later.

1. Listen to lively music : This is a definite mood lifter. Studies have shown that upbeat music helps to improve the mood. So the next time you feel low, don’t be afraid to turn up the music volume a little higher, and focus on the music not your feelings.

2. Exercise : Exercise has been shown to be as effective as antidepressants, it helps to reduce the level of stress hormones. Whether it is applying a massage to the neck, dancing or taking a walk down the block, exercise is a sure way of relieving stress.

3. Let in the light : Brightening your room when you wake up can help you feel happier all day. Darkened rooms can make you feel depressed. Lift up the shade and let in the sunlight for a brighter mood.

4. Stop the blame game : Guilt, self-inadequacy, and self-blame are triggers for a bad day or mood. Taking things easy, forgiving yourself and accepting yourself for who you are good ways to bust bad moods.

5. Get a good laugh : Laughter helps to relieve stress, and getting a good laugh definitely helps to improve the mood. It may be by going through old pictures again or chatting with a friend who makes you laugh, whatever way you choose, make sure to get a good laugh.

6. Take a break : Having a hectic day? Feeling overwhelmed or pressured? Grab a seat (if you can), find a quiet place, and close your eyes – to the source of pressure and distress. This had a calming effect on the mind.

7. Volunteer : It is believed that volunteering boosts happiness because it increases empathy.
People who volunteer are likelier to be happier than those who don’t, regardless of how much money they make or other socioeconomic factors.

8. Get a good night sleep : A good night sleep helps to take all the grumpiness out if your mood. If you are feeling low or pressured? Take a nap or sleep while listening to an uplifting music.

9. De-clutter : “Clutter is a reminder of things that should be getting done but aren’t,” says Elaine Aron, PhD, author of The Highly Sensitive Person, and this can make you feel like a failure.”
To correct this, you really dont need a major overhaul, just  straighten up a few areas or surfaces around you. According to her, “just the illusion of order is enough to ease the mind.”

10. Count your blessings : According to an article in Psychology Today by Dr. Susan Biali, M.D, daily reflecting on three things that went well and replaying them in your mind, helps to improve the general well-being of the mind.

No matter how bad situations may look, always remember that things are going to turn out fine at the end. Do not let a bad mood spoil your day; turn on the light, put on a smile and go break a leg.