12 Important Factors That Show Good Personal Hygiene

Body odour, a bad breath, smelly clothes all point to one thing – poor personal hygiene. You certainly don’t want to be known for any of those three things I have just mentioned, do you? And if you know you have any of those “problems”, you definitely want a change, right? Keep reading…

Personal hygiene can be described as the habit of maintaining cleanliness and taking care of the body. Personal hygiene is personal and it should be a daily routine. It involves you as a person taking charge of your general state of wellness.

Maintaining a good personal hygiene helps in:

  • preventing avoidable diseases,
  • improving personal self-esteem and
  • avoiding social embarrassments.

People, who practice good personal hygiene, tend to live a more healthy life and feel good about themselves.

Some of the factors that contribute to a good personal hygiene are:

1. Washing the body daily
2. Brushing the teeth at least once daily
3. Regular flossing of the teeth
4. Washing of dirty clothes
5. Drying of clothes properly
6. Washing hands after using the toilet
7. Washing of hands before and after eating
8. Washing of hair regularly
9. Regular cleaning of fingernails and toenails
10. Proper treatment of wounds and injuries
11. Putting on of clean clothes and underwear
12. Regular cleaning of the ear buds.

Some factors are gender-specific; for instance, ladies during menstruation.
Some of the personal hygienic practices during this period include: regular changing of sanitary towels, proper disposal of soiled towels, putting on of clean underwear,

  • regular changing of sanitary towels
  • proper disposal of soiled towels
  • putting on of clean underwear
  • regular taking of bath etc.

Other personal hygiene practices are

  • ensuring proper and clean handling of food and food areas,
  • cleaning up a dirty environment,
  • ensuring proper ventilation in the house,
  • covering one’s mouth/nose when coughing or sneezing.

What health choices are you making today?
Your health decisions inadvertently determine the general state of your health.

Stay healthy, stay well.