3 Reasons Nigerians Find it Difficult to lose Weight

Generally male or female, young or old, weight loss is an issue for quite a number of people: mostly because of the societal view of those on the big side. Because of this fact, I see many people go through a lot of unhealthy practices. Sadly, they never get to lose weight and keep it that way for long. It always kept coming back. In this article, we’d discuss reasons why you seemingly can’t lose weight.

Although losing weight isn’t something that can be achieved overnight and it may be difficult to lose weight, with the right habits and consistency, it is achievable.

Reasons you find it difficult to lose weight.

You skip your meals. So many people skip breakfast and eat scantily during the day in a bid to ‘diet’ and shed weight. This may be the very reason why shedding weight seems impossible for you. When you skip meals, especially breakfast, you get hungrier and when you finally decide to eat, you tend to eat more than you normally would. Again when you cut down on food intake, the body tends to store more fat, leading to weight gain.

You sleep way too much. Contrary to what a lot of people think, those that sleep less that the recommended hours (seven to nine hours of sleep daily) add more weight than those with consistent sleep. A sleep deprived person is more likely to snack, eat mindlessly and that would lead to adding weight despite your other efforts. When you don’t sleep enough also, you make it difficult for you to go about your work out routine due to the fatigue that comes from sleep deprivation.

You do late night meals. Eating late and sleeping almost immediately doesn’t allow enough time for your food to digest. This makes it difficult to lose weight. The recommendation is that you have your dinner at least three hours before you hit your bed.