Taught leaders and emotional psychologists suggest that smiling regularly can have some positive health impact on our life, body immune systems and stress levels with good benefits weather it is the plastic or genuine smile you express, just make sure you smile regularly so that everyone who comes around you can have a good time being around you.

Smiling is one of the easiest and quick ways to boost your mood, health, lifespan and motivation in life


  1. SMILING REDUCES ANXIETY AND STRESS: smiling in the midst of ugly or stressful situation can really go a long way to reduce your heart rates and for those that puts on long face, I mean showing neutral facial expression, their heart rate can’t be as good as does who smile. Those who smile better are less likely to develop heart disease.
  2. SMILING RELEASES ENDORPHIN: endorphin are special hormones that helps to kick stress to the curb each time you release that smile, these chemicals being release into the body help your body system to manage stress, make you happy and keeps you excited at most time. So smile more to get more excitement and relieve in your body.smile to live longer
  3. SMILING HELPS TO STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: when you smile, your immune system tends to produce more white blood cells, which helps to wage war against germs and foreign invaders in the body.
  4. SMILE HELP KILL PAINS: when you laugh or smile there is a kind of relieve you get that helps to lift and lessen the burden of pain and bad moods, especially when the endorphin is released into the bloodstream, these make smile the easiest natural pain killer in your body.
  5. ENHANCES LONG LIFE: those who smile well often live longer years that most people who don’t, because these smiles helps the heart, relieves stress and expands your lifespan.

Which other health benefits do you have in mind about smiling? Kindly share them with me, I’d like to hear from you, feel free to drop your views at the comment box below and share this post with friends and loved ones too. MAKE SMILING YOUR LIFESTYLE.


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