How well do you maximise your 9am-5pm working hours? Do you have this commitment to improve your workplace wellness? Are there times when you feel stressed out, with this unwillingness, and lack of motivation to work?  I feel this doesn’t have to be so…

Some people live to work while some work to live, the category you fall shows if you’ve been able to improve your working arena to a level that you can’t wait to go there daily. But if I may ask you, how have you been able to make your workplace wellness amazing?

In this exciting article I would like to share with you, certain strategies for your workplace wellness, this will help you, trust me…

So let’s quickly take a look at some essential tips that can make your workplace amazing than you least expected.

Let’s dive:

  • Be Mindful of Your Surrounding/Environment

The reason why most workplaces make a lot of people sick, like having fatigue, losing concentration, having a sore throat or a slight headache could be because your office isn’t safe due to sick building syndrome, SBS ( a building having low ventilation coupled with contaminants and inappropriate lightening)

  • Create Time for Mind Practices
    When I say mind practices, I mean practising mindfulness at work like deep breathing and motivation, it really works most especially when you are having a deadline, presentation or conferences. Truth be told, mindfulness at work help to debug stress, makes you focus and make you very productive at work.
  • Balance Your Work-Life

A lot of people take their work more seriously than their health. Spend time for relaxation, catch fun, and hang out. MAKE YOUR GOAL SMART (Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Tenable…This makes you happy and productive at work

  • Always Practice Conflict Resolution At Work

Conflict at work is inevitable, but the fact still remains that the more we get familiarised with people the closer conflicts begins to set in…In a nutshell, ensure you keep every relationship on point; avoid conflict as this may affect your work ethics.

  • Cherish Your Health Above All

We spend so much time sitting at one spot while working, seriously? This isn’t good for your health. Take your time take a walk through the stairs than the elevator. It helps! Also, do office exercises…