5 amazing benefits of eating fruits in season

Ever heard the statement: “To everything there is a season…?” Indeed, that is true especially of fruits. Quite a number of people are aware of the great benefits attached to eating fruits. However, only a hand full are aware of the amazing benefits of eating fruits in their season. If you keep reading, you will be among those “select” few.


  • Amazing taste: Fruits that are in season are sweeter, fresher, and more attractive to the eye than those that are off-season. This is because a fruit harvested in its season would have been allowed to ripen effectively in the sun. Naturally ripened fruits will always have more flavour and nutrition as against artificially ripened ones. Most off-season fruits are imported. In order to prevent them from spoiling during transport, they are harvested early and chilled. This will cause a reduction in fruit flavour. On arrival, these fruits are heated in order to ripen them before they are put on display for sale. This further reduces their flavour and greatly affects their texture and taste. Fruits harvested in their season don’t go through all that and so their original flavour and taste is guaranteed.
Ripe mangoes in season
  • Amazing nutritional value: Where do plants obtain their nourishment? From the sun and from the soil. As earlier mentioned, a freshly harvested fruit in its season has been allowed to ripen and fully develop. This means that the plant from which it has been derived has had sufficient exposure to the sun and obtained nutrients from the soil maximally. What does that translate to? A greater amount of antioxidants available just for you! Asides from having decreased nutritional value, off-season fruits are probably harmful as a result of irradiation (zapping the produce with a burst of radiation to kill germs) and waxing which is done to extend shelf life.
  • Amazing low cost: I am not an economist but I know that goods are relatively cheap when they are in abundance. The same effect is on fruits in their season. In Nigeria, a collection of five mangoes (in season) sell for as low as #100.00. When they are off season, a collection of just three mangoes sell for #100. Water melons also cost about #250 – #350 depending on your bargaining skills. But when they are off season, the price starts from #300. A big bunch of bananas in season cost #100 as against #200 when they are off season. It’s not rocket science; it’s just basic demand and supply. If you want to eat more fruits at the lowest possible price, go for those in season.
Water melons
  • Amazing positive impact on the environment: Fruits in season are able to grow without too much human input in form of pesticides, waxes, chemicals and preservatives which adversely affect our environment. These toxic substances pollute the soil and water and hurt our health. When you go for a fruit in its season and every other person does same, the pressure to make them available all year round (in and off season) would be reduced. This will in turn reduce the amount of toxic chemicals released into the environment.
  • Amazing source of creativity: Eating fruits seasonally ensures that you eat and benefit from a wide range of wonderful fruits all year round. This helps your creativity in cooking as you are compelled by nature to come up with new and yummy dishes based on what you find.


Now that you know, what are you waiting for? Find out which fruits are in season and indulge yourself. They are cheap, very nutritious and yummy. I doubt if you have anything to lose or what do you think? Please feel free to share in the comment section below