5 common myths about a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Menstruation is a monthly bleeding that occurs in a woman’s body as her body sheds the lining of her womb. This is a very normal part of a woman’s life. However, there are so many myths and untrue assumptions about it.

A lot of people including women consider it gross and icky, but it is not. It is actually very normal and expected of women within the reproductive age bracket hence it is not supposed to be seen as vile or disgusting.

Some men might think it is absolutely not their business, but it can help them in understanding the women around them and why they act the way they do. We would look at five common myths surrounding the menstrual life of a woman:

1. PMS is a ‘made-up’ stuff:


Premenstrual syndrome refers to a couple of symptoms that show up few days before the start of a menstrual cycle; these symptoms range from weight gain, to emotional instability. There is a common myth that most women fake PMS, some perceive it to be psychological, and while some others say that it is just an excuse for emotional instability. While admitting to the fact that a lot of women use PMS to excuse their excesses, the struggle against PMS is very real although it can be effectively managed.

2. There is a ‘normal’ start age for young girls:

There is no ‘normal’ or certain age for young girls to start their period. It can be as early as 8 and as late as 16. Each girl child has her growth rate and this growth rate varies from girl to girl.

3. Nothing can be done about menstrual cramps:



Some people go as far as saying menstrual cramps is a woman’s cross that she must carry and cannot be avoided. This is entirely untrue. There are many treatment solutions for managing period pains. Over-the-counter painkillers can be used to stop the pain. Some other habitual factors such as eating right, avoiding stress, can help reduce period cramps. There are cases when normal painkillers do not work, this rarely happens and is often due to some underlying ailment.

4. It is the same for women:

No, it is not the same for all women. The period is longer for some women and it varies from 3 days to about 7 days. Again, just as individuals are different, every woman has her own period pattern. The difference may be in the quantity of discharge or the number of days of discharge or the number of days in between discharge.

5. Women on their period should just rest, rest and then rest again:


There is a false assumption about how women on their period should always stay away from work and exercise. A lot of people think women menstruating cannot achieve much. This is completely untrue and asides from menstrual cramps which can be managed and treated, women on their period can be as active as they are on days when they are not.

On the contrary, exercise, games and other active involvements are said to be helpful in reducing cramps and improving the person’s mood. Your period should not be allowed to mess up your week.