5 Golden Nutrition Rules to Lose Weight For Good

Some say it is easier to gain weight than to lose weight. Yes, it is not so much fun losing weight but it is very possible to shed some weight. It is unhealthy to see it as impossible or as a defect. You just more fat than others and it can definitely be worked on. In this post, we would look at a few nutrition rules that would help you lose weight. These strictly adhered to with some lifestyle changes would make a whole lot of difference.

There is the right way and the wrong way to lose weight. A lot of people go about weight loss in a very unhealthy and unrealistic way. That is the reason why after about two months, the weight comes right back. That is just one of the consequences of going about weight loss the wrong way. For instance you shouldn’t skip meals just because you want to lose weight. Instead, look at what you’d be eating and make sure it is healthy and lightweight.

So to lose weight and ensure it don’t come back, Stick by these nutrition rules:

First, note that this isn’t some lose-weight-fast scheme. It is a healthier lifestyle you want to adopt that would help you lose weight and would keep it off. Hence, see it as such. This means you should be realistic with your meal plans.

Do a diet clean-up. Swap out all those processed foods. Replace them with fruits, veggies, whole grains and other healthy foods. Drawing up a meal plan or food timetable would help you stay in line. You also need to battle hunger anxiety. When you reach out for that snack, are you really hungry or you are just feeling like eating something? Truthfully, most of the times when we feel we are ‘hunger’, we are just bored.
Like the general saying, “If hunger isn’t the problem, food (or snacks) is not the solution.

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Pay attention to the quantity too. Even if the food is healthy, don’t just go gulping it all down. Eat just what is needed. Chew slowly, this allows for your stomach to take stock of what is coming in. When you rush your food, you don’t give your system time enough to when it has had enough.

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Keep a food log. This just helps hold you accountable. Log every meal (including the ones when you gave yourself a break). If you don’t want to write it down, there are so many food diary apps you can utilize. You can also check your weight at the end of every week and log it also. When there is a rise or an almost insignificant loss, you need to pay attention to how your meal plan that week was.

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Take a break… Even if you are trying to lose weight, you are also human. So give yourself a break. It is alright to indulge once a while but in the long run, ensure you continuously leave out the bad guys from your diet. Make sure your once-in-a-while break is not so often.

Enjoy the process!

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