5 “Thou shall not consume” foods during your menstruation

As a lady, do you know that what you eat can really affect your health condition during your period?  It is expedient for you to avoid certain kinds of foods and drinks during your period in other to avoid all sorts of discomforts and cramps during your period.

You may be wondering what kind of food and drink should I avoid during my period? News flash! I”ve got a couple of them in this article; keep reading.

So here are some of the foods to avoid during your period

  1. Processed Food Substances: I’m sure you know how enticing some of these canned and processed foods could be, especially their delicious taste. It is, however, interesting to know that these food products can make your body feel worse during your periods. For your sake, you should take wholesome foods, healthy snacks and nuts that don’t contain salt.
  2. Beverages and caffeinated foods: Taking caffeine may agitate your mood and make menstrual pains difficult to bear, because of its stimulant properties in tea, cocoa and coffee. In other to avoid having serious menstrual cramp and discomforts during your period, I’d advise you to limit or avoid the intake of coffee, chocolate, black tea, soft drinks and energy drinks.
  3. Avoid sugary foods: During menstruation, hormonal changes are usually experienced by ladies. Therefore, consuming food products that are high in sugar content could lead to an increased blood sugar level which eventually leads to most ladies craving for sweet things and that could eventually lead to fatigue, mood swings and imbalance of the immune system. NOTE: you can replace sugar-rich foods with fibre-rich food and low-fat food substances.
  4. Alcohol: Taking any form of alcohol during your period can increase your flow, pre-menstrual depression and cause more discomfort. So avoid taking alcohol during your period in order to avoid more discomfort.
  5. Do Away with High Fat Foods: During your period, you should avoid high-fat foods like beef, burgers, and dairy products (whole milk). This is because they tend to have high influence on hormonal activity and in your body. Instead, take fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish in replacement of burger and high fatty foods. NOTE: consumption of low saturated fat diets could help reduce too much estrogen in your body as a female.

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