5 warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

Aging is a beautiful¬†and rewarding experience but at the same time can be burdensome both to the aging and also relatives and friends of the aging. This burden comes mostly from ailments and diseases mostly associated with aging. One of such is Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease often times comes in gradually. This means that most times, there are warning signs that often times precede a full-blown case of Alzheimer’s disease.

Some of them we would consider in this article.

  • Loss of memory: The fellow may experience loss of memory especially short-term memory such as recent conversations.
  • Speech inconsistencies: People with early signs of Alzheimer’s often struggle with pronunciation of common words.
  • Behavioral changes such as unusual mood swings, lack of hygiene, confusion, forgetfulness also occur in Alzheimer’s patients.
  • Poor coordination, balance issues, Inability to concentrate and carry out simple ordinary tasks.
  • Anxiety and depression: A lot of Alzheimer’s patients are often times unnecessarily anxious, confused and most times depressed. For some strange reasons, a lot of them get depressed and upset as the sun sets, this is the reason why the rooms of most patients are always brightly lit so that they do not get the sensation of sunset.

Taking care of Alzheimer’s patients is not always easy, however early detection and understanding the state of the affected can help relatives, friends and care takers react in a more positive way thereby also helping the affected.

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