6 Amazing Benefits of Regular Exercise

Exercise is that activity which requires physical effort, and is carried out in order to sustain or improve health and fitness. Almost everyone knows that keeping fit is important and that regular exercise routines makes for a healthier life. However, many people are still not exercising regularly. When asked why, they give different reasons some of which are lack of money for registering in a gym or buying personal exercise instruments/machines. In the end, their excuse for lack of exercise centers around money.

The aim of this post is to convince you that you really need to start exercising by showing you six vital reasons to exercise apart from losing weight.



It has being said that, the best period to exercise is in the morning, so as to gain maximum and effective metabolism rate. However, it is best you find a time that suits you and then stick to it. Regular exercise makes for a healthier and happier you. Studies show that people who are physically active report greater levels of excitement and enthusiasm than people who are less physically active.

So my dear reader, you should have no excuse again, right?

These exercises are cash-friendly and time-friendly too.

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Stay healthy.