6 Low-Calorie Foods You Can Eat Without Gaining Weight

We all have those days where we seem to eat and eat and never get full. It becomes worse for someone already fighting to lose weight and eat healthy, How do you reconcile what you see in the mirror with the ravaging hunger your body is alerting you to? Low-calorie foods might be the best option you have.

Most people eat until they feel full, or achieve satiety. The problem with this type of eating is that different foods come with different calorific counts. And the calorific count DOES NOT translate to satiety, or even volume, but can definitely add to body fat. Low-calorie foods are those that can satisfy you easily and for a long period of time without a significant weight gain.

Weight-watching can be quite an uphill task, so why not make it easier with the right Low-calorie foods? This is important because it has been proven that voluntary starvation isn’t the best way to go with losing weight.

6 Low-calorie Foods That Will  Chase The Hunger Away

For a meal to be satisfying it has one or more properties: high fiber content, high volume, high protein content or low energy density. The volume can be from air or, better yest water, either will still leave you feeling fuller than a lower volume. Fiber adds bulk and doesn’t get retained in the body, while aiding digestion. Not only this, but high-fiber foods take longer to digest and keep you fuller for longer. Proteins satisfy faster than fatty foods and carbs. Tired of feeling hungry all the time, while scales keep increasing? Or you are really sick of portion controls that feel like you barely had a bite of food? Here is how to eat smart to lose weight:

  1. Whole-Grain Food:
    Eating healthy
    Bowl of oats – healthy eating

    This includes oats, which are rich in fiber, unprocessed and can be easily balanced with milk and fruit. Brown rice, bran and oats are rich in fiber which help to regulate blood sugar and maintain a healthy weight. You eat less processed sugars, which tend to encourage over-eating.

  2. Beans:
    different types of beans and legumes
    Diagonal stripes of brown shaded beans

    This awesome, nutrition packed legumes are not only full of protein and fiber. Beans actually contain complex sugars that slow down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. This makes beans a wonderful meal for regulating blood sugar. Also, thanks to the high fiber content, beans take a whole to digest and keep you feeling full, basically all day long. Presence of magnesium, phosphorus and other minerals have a positive impact on heart health, coupled with beans’ cholesterol reducing component.

  3. Colorful Vegetables:
    plant-based food
    Assortment of fruits and vegetables

    These include carrots, Cabbages, bell peppers, purple eggplants/ garden eggs and some other foods. Colorful vegetables is that, aside the fact that they are great for filling up your plate with low-calorie food goodness, boost your vitamins, antioxidants and help to burn fat, especially the peppers,

  4. Popcorn:
    Air-popping Corn reduces the calorie count of popcorn.

    Not the buttered, sugared or salted variety. The calories in regular popcorn have been upped by the addition of the high-calorie butter and sugar. To make your popcorn low-calorie, try the air-popped variety and enjoy a filling snack.

  5. Fruits: Apples, Watermelon, Golden melons, strawberries, red grapes are great examples of low-calorie fruits that will comfortably fill your stomach. Pineapples are another great fruit for people with a sweet tooth trying to lose weight.
  6. Cucumbers:
    Low-calorie foods like cucumber
    cucumber slice

    A cucumber contains about 90% water, which makes it a very filling snack. Pickled cucumbers deliver more taste for your meal. Cucumber as a low-calorie food is also rich in silicon and great for your skin. The fibre and water content will keep you full faster. This is likely the reason why they are always present in most salads.

Despite how these foods are low calories, you need to also remember not to overdo it. They might contain double the number of calories that regular food contains, or even more. But even at that, these low-calorie foods, when consumed in greater than average quantities will definitely add the calories. So, while enjoying healthy low-calorie food, try not to binge eat.