Abdominal Obesity (PotBelly)

As some people say, pot belly is a sign of good living and indicates the person is rich. Well, that’s long gone. Pot belly/Abdominal obesity increases the risk of having some health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, stroke, heart attacks and the likes. It can be acquired easily but very difficult to lose. Pot belly brings discomforts, depressions and could also reduce your self-esteem. Being unable to use belts or tuck in your shirts could be one of the discomforts of pot bellies. Here, we would pin-point the possible causes and remedies of pot belly. Pot-belly Causes There are several causes of Pot Belly. They include:

  • Hereditary traits
  • Beer consumption
  • Consumption of large carbohydrate foods
  • Eating Junk foods
  • Stress
  • Not exercising regularly

Remedies       Reduce your beer consumption intake in order to reduce accumulation of fat in the stomach. Also, reduce your daily calorie intake. Drink a lot of water. Re hydrating yourself could aid in reducing stomach fats Exercise regularly. Exercises such as swimming and cycling helps in getting rid of fats quickly. Have your dinner at the appropriate time. Avoid late night meals in order to aid digestion. Avoid junk foods when trying to get rid of abdominal fat. Make a long term life choice. A daily exercise routine too would do. Engage in cardiovascular activities in order to prevent fat build up. Find a healthy way to cope with stress. Engage in emotional activities.