Alcohol: The Good, The Bad and The Drunky

Alcohol sure won’t make a “top 10” list of the healthiest things to be consumed but some of its other form might have some unexpected health benefits.

From the title of this article, one would wonder, could there be any good coming out of alcohol consumption? I guess so. While going through a few things online yesterday, I came across something that got my attention and I was well amazed and so, I promised to share them here.

Alcohol would surely have certain effects on our health. Here are the good”, the “bad”, and the “drunky” effects of alcohol:

The Good

Here it is, consumption of alcohol might not be good, but moderate drinking might help here. Red wines and beer do have phenols as an antioxidant and these help to protect the heart against disease and lower the risk of hypertension.

Alcohol, somehow help keep our brains sharp. The ethanol in alcohol helps the neurons in the brain resist wear and tear which could also lead to certain diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Source of motivation – Some individuals find alcohol as a source of motivation as it helps them carry out certain tasks at ease. Excessive consumption however, could result in hangover of such individual.

Alcohol helps in soothing a sore throat – Gargling a little amount of whiskey, combined with a spoonful of warm water could help ease pain.

Alcohol also helps during cold weather conditions – Moderate consumption aids in mediating the risk of an individual getting a common cold.

The Bad

Excessive consumption of alcohol can result in numerous adverse effects on the brain. Chronic abuse of alcohol can permanently impair brain function.

Heavy drinking takes a toll on the liver and other organs of the body  and could trigger varieties of problems.

Alcohol could also have a quick one on your brain. It can also cause cancer.

Heavy drinking of alcohol could cause depression.

Alcohol consumption can also cause liver diseases

The Drunky

Alcohol affects an individual if not moderately consumed.

Hangovers – Alcohol have been known to cause hangovers – a condition that is as a result of too much alcohol consumption.

Consumption of too much alcohol also results in bad breath and in some cases body odour.

Domestic violence – This is as a result of consuming too much alcohol.

Accidents and Emergency – Several accident cases have been reported lately with the consumption of alcohol linked to them. Excessive consumption could make an individual drunk and be prone to all these.


Do not misinterpret this information shared here; moderate drinking of alcohol comes with certain unexpected benefits but still could have negative effects on our body. If you can’t drink moderately, avoid alcohol for good as it negative effects on our body supersede that of its positive effect.