Amazing health facts you did not know about Zobo-drink

Zobo drink is one of the most common beverage drink. It is local to the Nigerian people and is made from Roselle leaves or Hibiscus Sabdariffa. It is mostly be prepared at home as family beverage drink and also as refreshment in parties and get-togethers. It is high ranking among Nigerians’ most loved drinks. The mauve colored drink is not only very healthy, readily available and affordable, it is also very refreshing especially when served chilled.


Briefly we would consider some awesome health facts about this drink.

  • Thirst: Also known as Hibiscus Tea, it has been seen to be very effective in quenching thirst especialy when served chilled. It can serve as an alternative to commercial sport drinks
  • Weight Loss: Zobo helps in reduction of dietary carbohydrate and hence can aid in weight loss especially if taking after food.
  • Acts as a cold remedy: Zobo is very rich in vitamin C and hence it serves as a wonderful aid when fighting cold and other infections.


  • Lowers high blood pressure: Zobo is gotten from Hibiscus leaf which is an antioxidant. this helps stop the prevents oxidation of lipoproteins (a substance present in our blood that has the ability to cause high blood pressure). it also has mild anti-bacterial properties which aids in ridding the body system of bacteria and worms.
  • Helps fight hypertension: Hibiscus tea has some anti-hypertensive properties which helps reduce hypertension, cholesterol level, and high blood pressure.


As can be deduced from the above, Zobo drink is highly nutritious. However, it should not be consumed by pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers as it can be known to stimulate blood which may eventually lead to a miscarriage through menstruation. I am a big fan of Zobo drink and I have for many years enjoyed the health benefits associated with this drink not to mention its unique refreshing taste. I encourage you to try it for yourself. Here is a simple recipe on how to makes yours.