Anger addictions, its impacts on health and organs.

Do you know certain things happen to your organs, tissues and cell when you become too addicted to anger?

You really must understand what anger does to your vital organs and cells, especially to your heart, testosterone, arteries, and brain.

Anger is actually a normal emotional state, and almost everyone encounters it daily. It leads to exhibition of a flight or fight response, following reactions like; having a tensed muscle, alteration in your brain chemistry, and inhibition of digestive processes in your body.

Getting angry most times and being too emotional aggressive, causes an increase in heart rate, generates tension to your artery, stimulates the left part of your brain, increases your testosterone, and also reduces the secretion of cortisol (a stress hormone) in your body.

Anger triggers a serious change in the state of mind of an individual, altering the cascade of physical reactions and inducing a negative state of mind.

anger 2

The expression of explosive anger often stimulates the weakening of your immune system and leads to numerous health issues like: depression, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, insomnia and headaches etc.

Choleric emotions like, anger, hate, rage can also lead to some negative emotions like: bitterness, emotional imbalance, confusion and sadness.

How Anger Triggers Heart disorder

A new study have proven that serious addiction to anger by an individual, forms surges through hormonal stress and damaging the blood vessel lining, tripling your risk of having a heart attack, and increases your blood pressure level, even when anger is held inside.


If anger is expressed in a healthy way, it can be good for you, helping you think reasonably well. But when you hold it for too long, beyond control, it really can wreak your serious havoc on your body

Your physical alertness and well being can be affected by unpleasant emotions triggered by anger. Your mind and heart needs a good mood and calmness to function well, but anger can alter that.


The fact that your emotion plays a crucial role to your well being and health, tells you that the impact of emotions to health and proliferation of disease triggered by anger is a serious issue you must put into consideration, as most diseases have a link to emotional stress and trauma

Control your Anger level

For you to be emotionally, psychologically and mentally balanced optimally, you need to control and watch against frequent-serious anger trauma.

Take a slow breath, try meditating on something good, show empathy to either the individual or situation you’re angry at, and be slow to take actions when you’re angry to save your health, life and state of mind.